While working at Pipeworks Software, I art directed this highly successful game for the Nintendo Wii. Based on the popular dance fitness program created by Beto Perez, this game brings the fun and energy into your living room.

The Challenge:

Convert a popular dance fitness craze into a motion –controlled console game. With the advent of motion controllers for the three popular console systems:  Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, players are able to use their body’s movements.  This was particularly challenging project given Nintendo’s safety standards and budget restrictions.  My team needed to figure out a way to attach the controller to the player’s body that wasn’t restrictive or hazardous.  We met the objective by attaching the controller to a new Wii Remote Belt which we included in the game.






While the hardware side of the game was figured out, I was conceptualizing the look of the game. At the time, dancing games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance were very popular. We wanted to stay away from cartoon character look because we felt it was important to show accurate representations of real people doing these dance moves. Since we knew there would be multiple dancers on the screen we had to come up with a way to display them without dropping the frame rate.


I created a concept that took video footage and colorized it to obscure the faces of the dancers but showed enough detail that the player could make out the anatomy and movements. We were then able to duplicate this footage with simple silhouette figures to mimic background dancers. In essence, we created the illusion of several dancers with only one.

The Result:

Zumba was released November of 2010 and went on to become one of the best selling Wii games of all time topping at #19 with over 3 million copies sold worldwide! It spent 10 weeks at #1 in the UK.


The game was also released on Xbox 360 using the Kinect system and the PS3 using the Move Motion Controller.


Due to the successful sales of the first game, Majesco and 505 Games released a second game a year later, called Zumba Fitness 2.


I’m proud that we started all of these games and that the Zumba craze translated to video games is still going strong as evidenced by its continued success and more games!


In the following years, a whole series of Zumba video games were made. All of these iterations sold extremely well and continues to this day with the new Zumba Dance for iOS and Android.


Here's a list:


Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness 2

Zumba Fitness Core

Zumba Fitness Rush

Zumba Fitness: World Party

Zumba Kids

Zumba Dance


The combined unit sales for the entire franchise is over 8 million and counting.


The Future:

Zumba Dance for iOS was released November 2013. It was selected as one of Apple's Best Fitness Apps of 2013! Also, it is the #1 Health & Fitness tablet app in 108 countries!


The publisher, Majesco, announced that it will be releasing Zumba World Party on WiiU and the new XBOX ONE in early 2014.


Zumba Fitness video game customer reviews

"Better than going to a ZUMBA class and FUNNN right in your living room.!!!"


"I cannot go to the health club - I am attached to my home with kids and the only way I can workout is in front of the TV. I was afraid to try Zumba for Wii but I am addicted now."

-Yelena Burkut

"This game is awesome and so much fun! This is the best Wii dancing game I played so far!"


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