You know these two shows. They've been on television for over 20 years. I was the Art Director on the video game translation for these two high profile game shows.

Don't mess with my game(show):

Our challenge was to accurately and lovingly translate two very well-known TV game shows into video games, SIMULTANEOUSLY!


I met the challenge of working for a franchise with millions of fans in making something new and exciting that they appreciated.


I also accomplished our second objective of engaging thousands of new fans and players by making them "contestants" on their own show.


As these two game shows aired on TV for over 20 years, Sony Pictures Television was understandably protective of their IP. I directed many iterations to all manner of details including facial likenesses of the hosts, set designs and props, and design of the wheel and podiums, etc. to meet Sony's expectations.




Mii me please:

To convert a well-known television personality into a stubby cute Mii was difficult. I worked closely with the character artist to match the celebrity's likeness as accurately as we could without losing the flavor of the Mii characters nor the essence of the hosts. The numerous iterations were well worth it as we gained approval by Sony Pictures, THQ, as well as the celebrities!


In the game, players are able to use their own custom Mii characters or use a default Mii. We chose the Nintendo Wii as our primary platform so it was appropriate to have our stylized hosts preserved in the PS3 and DS versions.

The "Set" Up:

Almost as recognizable as the hosts were the sets. Each show went through a variety of set designs over the years. An additional challenge was tying in the 20th Anniversary of Wheel of Fortune and 25th Anniversary of Jeopardy promotional television events. They had changed the sets to match the new direction of the show and we had to include both versions as well.

Jeopardy game set design concept. Art by Joel Mandish. Art directed by Lynwood Montgomery.

Wheel of Fortune game set design concept. Art by Joel Mandish. Art directed by Lynwood Montgomery.

Photos of the actual Jeopardy sets.

You're a Winner!

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! went on to top Wii all time sales at #176 and #298 respectively. WoF sold 850,000 units while Jeapardy! sold 500,000 worldwide.

Both games were featured on the television shows.


Following the success of the video game, it was ported to the Nintendo Wii U and the DS systems.

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