As Art Director for Gamehouse I led an extremely talented team of artists and designers to create industy-leading social and casual games on Facebook and mobile. Collapse! Blast was the first in a series of 60-second gameplay experiences, dubbed "Blast," that would eventually make Gamehouse a top 10 Facebook developer.


I created the above logo and this short promotional video. This video was uploaded to the Gamehouse website a few weeks after the hard launch of Collapse! Blast.

The Challenge:

Take an existing IP with a long and illustrious history as a PC casual game and convert it to a Facebook social game with ways to monetize it through micro-transactions.


Collapse! was first introduced in 2001 for Windows PC. Since then there have been numerous versions on a myriad of platforms including PC/Mac, Nintento Gameboy/DS, Sony PSP, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Back then Gamehouse was busy making fun and successful casual games. When I came on board the studio was pivoting itself to be a leader in social games on the Facebook platform.






This is the wireframe mockup of the game with most of the social features including a daily spin, friend notifications, and in-game purchases.

The Results:

A few months after our soft launch (image on top left) we redesigned the game to include more viral features and better monetization techniques and strategies. In-game purchases and power-ups were more meaningful and impactful to the gameplay experience.


We A-B tested almost every feature. We used survey feedback solicited from our loyal fans (dubbed “Gamehouse Ambassadors”) to continue to enhance game features. This was proven by the 1 million Facebook “Likes”!


Collapse! Blast shot up the list to break into Facebook's top 10 games. It peaked at 313k DAU (Daily Active Users) and an impressive 2.3m MAU (Monthly Active Users)!

Above is a screenshot of the game during our soft launch.

Here is the same game after weeks of testing and improving. Even little things like the shapes/colors of the blocks was explored. The Collapse mascot (the blue bomb guy) was given a whole wardrobe to customize his look every week. This was just a small example of how we kept user engagement up and let our players know that we were still updating the game with fresh content.

The Future: Going Mobile

With the success on Facebook, it was only natural that we expand onto mobile devices. As of today Collapse! Blast is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Available on the App Store or Google Play. Download yours today!!

Meet my wonderfully talented team.

L to R: Krystle Alvarez, Kaari King, Andy McCulloch, Rawddy Bambao (seated), Jeremy Jones, Christian Salas, Deanna Liceaga, Robert Sanchez, Steve Grice, Galadriel Liceaga, Lynwood Montgomery


Cool Comments about Collapse! Blast

"I like this game it keeps u busy and stress free."

-Elisabeth Morales

"Addicted. Oh lord!"

-Jermaine Bradley

"Cool game I even play it with my 3 year old great-grand-daughter."

-Darline Dupre

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