I communicate information through design to reach the target audience or demographic. My goal is to inspire, attract, and motivate people to respond in a positive way.


Not only do I use my design and illustration skills to do this, but I also use my ability to think intelligently and strategically in design and marketing terms. I thrive in a collaborative environment because great art or design is rarely done in a vacuum. I know it takes hard work, dedication, and creativity to cut through the noise and communicate clearly and intuitively.


My education is in Graphic Design. I use those skills everyday while designing meaningful experiences for my clients and their customers. My career has mostly been in the video game industry where I was lucky enough to make some really great games and work with amazingly talented people. I also use my UI and UX skills that were honed extensively in game development and put them to effective use in business-oriented applications and software.


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Lynwood Montgomery


"One of the best Lead Artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is hard working and dependable, and I would definitely recommend him. I would love to have the opportunity to work with him again one of these days."

"As usual, Lynwood manages to take half baked concepts, have little interaction and then produce artistic delights. How does he do it?"

Colin Gordon

COO/Co-Founder at Valcon Games

"I have worked with Lynwood on several occasions over the last decade. He is a very skilled 2d and 3d artist, capable of taking on production tasks at all stages of the development cycle from concept to final polish. Lynwood understands and works effectively within platform and time constraints, and is able to accurately estimate and complete tasks in an effective manner. It is a joy to work with Lynwood, and I am happy to recommend him."

"Lynwood is the best digital artist I've worked with. He routinely takes the most challenging projects and pulls off amazing results. He listens to input from non-technical people, and is able to capture their visions and create results in ways that exceed expectations."

Wyeth Ridgway

President / Tech Director at Leviathan Games, Inc

"Lynwood is one of the integral people who helped mold the artist I am today. I am completely humbled by having the opportunity to have worked with him. Rather than just a supervisor, he has become an incredible mentor, through drawing, sculpting and has given me that special push to nurture my artistic talents to help me achieve my goals. I've really appreciated him taking the time to individualize his managing techniques as he focuses on each person's personality. Lynwood takes the time to personally meet with everyone on the art staff , and is always available when you need him. He uses critical feedback to add, not take away. With his positive and robust enthusiasm, he motivates the art staff daily. He takes extreme care in promoting culture and team building. When he seeks out art talent, he thinks outside of the box and knows how to match your job to your talents. He is an avid believer in pursuing art outside of the office and gives us the freedom to bloom. His multifaceted talents have surpassed me beyond disbelief. He has truly mastered his craft all around and poses as the uber artist everyone wants to be. As a manager, he truly is a rare find."

"Lynwood is a great art director and an incredibly talented artist. He pushes his art team to develop to the best of their abilities and create truly exciting and innovative art styles. As a mentor, he utilizes positive critique and other management methods to help grow the talents of his art staff. I can say that while working with him, I felt that I truly grew as an artist and I always appreciated that he would make time when I needed him for anything. It was really great working with him and I would love the opportunity to work with him again someday."

Dan Miller

Senior Character Artist at Pipeworks Software

Krystle Alvarez

Game Marketing Designer at DoubleDown Interactive

Russell Belden

Visionary Entrepreneur

Drew Angeloff

Engineering, Digital Products at HBO




Phone: (206) 369-9785

Email: lynwood@lynwoodmontgomery.com